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Time to fit a stairlift?

Some points to ponder

When is it time to fit a stairlift?

If you can still get around reasonably well but you find stairs a bit trying, perhaps it is time to consider investing in a stairlift?

Over the years we at Simply Stairlifts have often heard customers lament that having a stairlift fitted was tantamount to “giving up” and a sign of losing independence, but in actual fact just the opposite is true!

Once they’ve got the lift installed, they usually come back to let us know it has changed their lives for the better and they wish they’d got one sooner.

So how do you know when you need a stairlift? You certainly don’t have to be severely mobility impaired to struggle with stairs, and glean the benefits of all that a stairlift can do for you.

After many chats with happy clients we’ve put together a list of circumstances that, should you be experiencing them, point to it being a good time to fit a stairlift:

This is something we can all identify with, but it is even worse if you are unsteady on your feet for some reason. For the elderly falls are a particularly frightening prospect because the damage sustained can be permanently incapacitating. Having a stairlift takes away the fear, and the potential, of falling on the stairs.

If you suffer from a medical condition such as Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Osteoporosis, a previous hip fracture or Arthritis, and/or are visually impaired, you are more at risk of misjudging your footing and having a fall on the stairs. For safety’s sake it’s wise to use a stairlift.

Consider how many times a day you need to climb up and down the stairs, then multiply that by a week. Now think about how long it takes you to make that journey between floors. If it takes you five minutes or longer to climb up the stairs you are wasting a great deal of time and effort. You’d be better off with a stairlift which can whip you up and down in less than a minute.

If you puff and pant when climbing a flight of stairs, perhaps even becoming a bit dizzy or feeling faint, you can take away the strain by having a stairlift installed and not have to dread the ascent any longer.

If you find yourself avoiding making trips upstairs, preferring to go without something you’ve left there rather than have to go up and retrieve it because you know it is going to be a struggle, it is time to consider a stairlift. There’s no need for the stairs to present an obstacle as daunting as Mount Everest when you can ride up and down rather than walk. We’ve installed lifts for some clients who had been sleeping downstairs and not been able to access their upstairs bedroom and bathroom for months.

There are many cases where carers – whether they be paid or unpaid, or family members – report being put under undue pressure by having to physically assist their charges with navigating the stairs. Those who love you feel emotionally stressed too knowing that the stairs represent a dangerous obstacle for you. A stairlift makes life easier and more pleasant for all involved.

When your caregivers, family and friends become concerned about you being unable to cope with the stairs in your home you will probably be encouraged to move somewhere more practical. For most it is upsetting to leave a home they know and love. A stairlift can give you years of extra time to enjoy and easily access the upstairs and downstairs in your home.

Physical limitations that make it difficult to climb the stairs obviously impact on your independence, and a loss of independence can in turn trigger depression. A stairlift not only helps your mobility, but also gives your mental health a boost.

It’s not only the elderly that need mobility aids at home. At any age you could have suffered from a debilitating illness, been in an accident or undergone surgery that has left you incapacitated for a time. In all these cases a stairlift is an invaluable aid to your recovery, sparing you the stairs while you regain your strength. There is always the option of renting a stairlift for a period of time.

If you find any of the above circumstances pertain to you, then why not take the next step and get in touch with us at Simply Stairlifts to find out how we can help you. Consultations cost nothing. Just call 01666 822060 and open the door to a better quality of life.

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