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Stairlifts For Sale

Our handpicked range of stairlifts we thing are the best.

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Massive shout out to this company! Brian & Jack were amazing, they both came over to quote during the Christmas break and then pulled out all the stops to get the stair lift installed early Janauary, Jack even popped over a few days later to swap the position of the seat belt.Well done guys! 👍🏻



First on our list of stairlifts for sale is the Homeglide Straight. As easy to use as it is to fit, it comes standard with a manual swivel seat and manually folded footrest. 

With the padded seat you can glide up and down the stairs in comfort with an easy to use joystick. It is built with the latest technology. 

The Homeglide can be fitted to almost all straight staircases as narrow as 740mm with is sleek rail design and minimal disruption to your home.


Next on our list of stairlifts for sale is the Homeglide Extra.

With a whole choice of extras, we can design the lift to your specific needs and wants, from manual swivel or power assisted swivel, the footrest linked to the seat and a whole bundle of upholstery options. 

No wonder why this is our most popular stairlift.


The HomeGlide Outdoor stairlift combines all of the features and functionality of the standard HomeGlide indoor stairlift. 

In addition, to provide you with the ultimate in industry-leading weather protection technology, the HomeGlide Outdoor model comes with more than 30 completely new components and in excess of 80 specially treated components to provide you with a stairlift that can be used at any time of the year.

Handicare 950

The Handicare 950 stairlift is perfect if have no need for powered options. The 950 is the simplest and most afford option for you. The seat swivel and footrest our operated manually.

The rail offers a continuous charge strip so the lift will charge any were on the rail. With its ergonomic design the lift will fit on staircases as narrow as 680mm.

Also available with a manual folding hinge or the unique slide track.

Handicare 950+

With the same rail as the 950 the 950 + stairlift has and upgraded chair and with this upgraded chair you can have endless choices from 6 upholstery colour choices, powered swivel, and powered footrest to name few. With these options you can be assured that you will have a stairlift that will meet your needs and your home. This lift will fit on staircase as narrow as 655mm.

Also available with a manual folding hinge or the unique slide track.

Handicare 1000

With its anodized aluminium rail the 1000 stairlift offers a stylish and unexposed hidden gear rack.

Using the smart seat, the same seat as the 950+ you can have a choice of 6 upholstery colours, optional powered swivel and powered footrest.

Powered folding hinge track is also available with the 1000 to ensure it does not obstruct the bottom of the stairs.

Handicare 1100

The newest stairlift in the Handicare range with the revolutionary rail design making it the slimist rail on the market optimising space on the staircase for other stair users. This stairlift does not work on the usual rack and pinion drive, but on four drive rollers and friction drive making it a smooth and quite ride.

It has a continuous charge strip ensures the batteries will be charged anywhere on the rail. Comes standard with the stylish style seat which gives it a modern look.



First of our list of curved stairlifts for sale is the Flow2. Discreet is the keyword here. When you’re not using it takes up only 340mm of the landing, neatly folded away so it doesn’t impede others using the staircase. The rail, too, is low profile (it can be kept as low as 62mm on most staircases) closely following the line of the stairs and not getting in the way of other users.

The Flow2 is extremely easy to operate with a simple joystick control incorporated into the armrest.

The best thing about the Flow2 is that it incorporates ASL (Advanced Swivel and Levelling) technology which means the lift rotates and stays perfectly level while moving, keeping you constantly in the most safe and comfortable position while you travel, with no stops and starts required for positioning.

The chair swivels slowly as it travels, ending up in the correct position at the top or bottom of the staircase to allow you to mount and dismount easily and safely.

Handicare 2000

The Handicare 2000 has the adaptability for every situation and stair case.

With its twin tube rail design, it can sit very close to the wall optimising the space you have on the staircase. With this stairlifts array of design choices from three different seat options and a whole lot of upholstery colour options we can supply one that will suit your home.

Designed with your needs in mind this lift can offer many choices from Manual or powered Swivels, Manual or powered footrest, heavy duty option and an adjustable seat height. So, you can rest assure that this lift will meet all your requirements.

Handicare Freecurve

The Freecurve stairlift has a single tube rail design which looks slick on the staircase.

The Freecurve has three Seat choices including the unique active seat. With these three seat options you can rest assure that you will be going up the stairs in comfort. Also with many seat colour options.

This stairlilft can offer powered swivel with a turn and go option which is great for the tightest of staircases. Powered and linked footrest available. You will struggle to find a staircase that this lift won’t fit on.

Stairlift- Stairlifts, Stairlift repairs, stairlift rentals in Cirencester, Newbury, Malmesbury,


Last but not least on the list of curved stairlifts for sale is the Oto Air, a single tube rail design and is the thinnest single rail worldwide, making it discrete.

Not only does it have the thinnest rail, it also looks the part. With its modern look there are many upholstery choices to blend with your home design. 

With plenty of features including powered footrest, powered assisted swivel and reverse drive technology we can ensure that we can design the right one for you and your home.