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Stairlift Servicing

Enjoy your stairlift for years to come by ensuring you service regularly using our qualified engineers.

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Massive shout out to this company!Brian & Jack were amazing, they both came over to quote during the Christmas break and then pulled out all the stops to get the stair lift installed early Janauary, Jack even popped over a few days later to swap the position of the seat belt.Well done guys! 👍🏻

Extending the life of your stairlift

Your stairlift contains many moving parts and electrical components including vital safety features that, like your car, need servicing annually as recommended by the British Safety Standards.

This not only ensures your stairlift operates when needed, but will also extend the life of your stairlift.

Stairlifts - Stairlifts, Stairlift repairs, stairlift rentals in Cirencester, Newbury, Malmesbury,


Should your stairlift fail to operate we offer a 24-hour helpline and fully qualified stairlift servicing staff to talk you through next steps, free of charge. If we are unable to rectify the fault over the phone, we can arrange a visit from one of our engineers.

Stairlift repairs take priority as we know that your stairlift is your independence. We can repair most makes/models of stairlifts and aim to be with you the same day. We also have our comprehensively stocked vans carrying a full range of spares.

Elderly Man and Woman not using Stairlift - Stairlifts, Stairlift repairs, stairlift rentals in Cirencester, Newbury, Malmesbury,


Have a stairlift that is no longer required? We will remove it no matter of age or condition. Depending on age or condition we may even buy it back.

Stairlift Servicing Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset & Hampshire

Having a stairlift installed in your home can be life-changing. It allows for easy access to the upper floors and for most people brings a feeling of freedom and independence that they had thought was lost to them.

Here at Simply Stairlifts it gives us great pleasure to be able to bring this wonderful mobility aid to those who need it across Bristol, Dorset, Hampshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Somerset and Wiltshire. On installation, however, we always warn our customers that a stairlift is not a metaphysical device that will keep on giving tireless service forever; it is a machine, like any other, consisting of a collection of numerous moving parts and electrical components.

Just like your boiler or car, a stairlift needs to be properly maintained to keep working properly and ensure its life is extended for as long as possible. Together with its built-in safety features, a stairlift is a complex piece of engineering. New stairlifts generally come with a warranty that includes free initial stairlift servicing, but if you have a reconditioned or old stairlift you need to have it checked over thoroughly by professional engineers – like those at Simply Stairlifts – at least once a year.

Stairlift servicing is not an unnecessary expense. Not only can it prevent you from being left in the lurch with a faulty stairlift, but regular maintenance can also prevent you being left facing a bill for expensive repairs or even having the stairlift condemned and having to invest in a new one.

Because we want you to be able to enjoy the benefits and convenience of your stairlift for as long as possible, the Simply Stairlifts team are happy to offer you a stairlift servicing contract, tailor made to suit your particular stairlift and circumstances. We’ll schedule a service at regular intervals, when it suits you, and you can rest assured that your stairlift won’t let you down.

Our fully qualified engineers are committed to taking care of you and your stairlift, and will check all mechanical and electrical parts to make sure they are operating correctly and safely, make any necessary adjustments, and lubricate the track.

Stairlift servicing includes a complete health check – you could say an “MOT” for stairlifts – and you will be given a report detailing advising of any items that need immediate repair or that should be watched for future developments.

You can also do your own stairlift servicing too to ensure that your prized stairlift receives the care and attention it deserves.

Keep the track free of dust, dirt and debris, and the chair itself wiped occasionally with a damp cloth. (Make sure the stairlift is at the bottom of the stairs when you clean it to prevent any falls.)

Never use solvents, bleaches or abrasives to clean your stairlift because these could damage the electric circuits or delicate parts of the stairlift.

Most important is to educate your family members on how important the stairlift is to you, and discourage youngsters from using it as a toy! You’d be surprised how many stairlift repairs we’ve had to undertake because of joyriding grandchildren.

Whatever make or model of stairlift you have, contact Simply Stairlifts to arrange for a one-off service or maintenance contract to keep it in good condition.

At Simply Stairlifts, we provide superior new and refurbished stairlifts to buy and rent. We fully measure and install stairlifts for all of our customers. We also provide ongoing maintenance repairs and servicing cover starting from one year. Have a look through our fine range of stairlifts to choose from. If stairlifts aren’t what you’re after, we also provide complete home lift options, being an approved installer of the Access BDD home lift range.

Alternative options

Rental Stairlifts

Only need a lift for a short amount of time?

Rental lifts can be hired for a few days or for as long as you require. Our rental packages include everything you need from the initial survey, instillation and removal when the lift is no longer required. You will also receive annual services and a full warranty for the duration of the rental period.

Reconditioned Stairlifts

All our reconditioned lifts are comprehensively checked and serviced, and come with a 1-year warranty as standard with the option to purchase an extended or upgraded warranty.

For more information please get in touch with the friendly Simply Stairlifts team.

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